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Media Contacts

Media Contacts
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Working with the Media

For interviews and media inquiries, please contact:

Markku Aikomus, Senior Regional External Relations Officer for Northern Europe
e-mail: AIKOMUS[at]unhcr.org
telephone: +46 (0)8 457 48 86
mobile: +46 (0)708 990 169

UNHCR is ready to provide information to journalists concerning UNHCR’s policies and positions, facts and analysis. UNHCR maintains a network of media officers around the globe who are available around the clock to answer queries on every aspect of UNHCR's operations. We are happy to help you get in touch with the correct officers worldwide.

Our Geneva-based video and photo units provide footage and photographs free of charge to the media. If you need photos or video footage, please contact UNHCR Regional Representation in Stockholm, swest@unchr.org, or +46 (0)8 457 48 80.

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