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UNHCR has a global network of information officers and others who report daily on the agency's varied activities on behalf of uprooted people around the world. This information is released locally to media and others, or sent to Geneva headquarters for editing before it is released in the form of press releases, web stories or by the UNHCR spokesperson at twice-weekly briefings at the Palais des Nations, the UN's European headquarters. UNHCR's presence in more than 125 countries, including in some of the most remote and difficult places on Earth, gives it access to news and information that are not available from anyone else. Our global communications network strives to provide timely, accurate and newsworthy information on all of the UNHCR's activities to generate awareness of and support for the refugee cause. First-hand reports, feature stories and graphics from distant field operations as well as from Geneva headquarters and world capitals are posted daily on the UNHCR website, making it an authoritative source on some of the biggest news events of the day.

A Syrian boy who risked his life to cross the sea finds new home in Sweden

News Article  17 April 2014

© UNHCR/J. Bävman

Mahmoud is just a boy. He loves playing with friends, going to school and reading to his little sister. But Mahmoud’s story is far from ordinary.

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The IKEA campaign “Brighter Lives for Refugees” raises €7.7 million for UNHCR in its first year

News Article  22 April 2014

© UNHCR/S. Nambu

The Є7.7 million raised will enable UNHCR to bring sustainable lighting and energy to over 350,000 children and families

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Syrian refugees in Lebanon surpassed 1 million

02 April 2014


Lebanon faces intensifying spillover; host communities stretched to breaking point

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Denmark contributes with USD 4 million to the CAR and South Sudan crises

Press Release  31 March 2014

© UNHCR/ B. Sokol

UNHCR is grateful for Denmark’s important USD 4 million contribution that will alleviate the acute needs for many of the people who have been forced to flee their homes due to the violence in South Sudan and the CAR.

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International conference in Tallinn: UNHCR’s perspective on the Common European Asylum System

News Article  28 March 2014

© Kristiina Lepa / Estonian Refugee Council

UNHCR participated in a recent conference on the challenges and opportunities of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) in Tallinn, Estonia.

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