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UNHCR brings the voices of refugees in Lithuania into the heart of Lithuanian political life

18 September 2014


The UNHCR Regional Representation for Northern Europe (RRNE) launched its report “Integration of refugees in Lithuania, Participation and Empowerment: Understanding Integration in Lithuania through an age, gender and diversity based participatory approach” in the Seimas on 17 September.

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UNHCR: Refugees in Lithuania voice their wish to integrate in and contribute to the Lithuanian society

16 September 2014

© Gediminas Žilinskas

The UNHCR Regional Representation for Northern Europe, the Ministry of Social Security and Labour and the Human Rights Committee of the Seimas are launching the report from a Participatory Assessment on refugee integration opportunities and challenges in Lithuania, on 17 September 2014 in the Seimas.

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Sweden supports the emergency response in Iraq

07 September 2014

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Sweden has sent two military Hercules airplanes with emergency supplies to Erbil as part of UNHCR’s massive 10-day operation to help about 500 000 people caught in Iraq’s worsening humanitarian crisis.

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Bellmanstafetten 2014

20 August 2014


Wearing the blue UNHCR vests and caps, staff members who participated in Bellmanstafetten 2014.

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Background note on international solidarity, responsibility-sharing and burden-sharing on refugee-related issues

26 August 2014

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At the end of 2013, the number of refugees globally under UNHCR’s mandate was estimated at 11.7 million, some 1.2 million more than at the end of 2012. This increase, from one year to another, was the highest in 20 years

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