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UNHCR and capacity building of Latvian judiciary

07 September 2012

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Latvian judges visiting UNHCR's Regional Office for the Baltic and Nordic Countries.

A cornerstone of UNHCR’s activities in the Baltic and Nordic region is capacity building. UNHCR’s experts do this by giving advice, training and providing information to asylum lawyers and judges on refugee, statelessness and asylum issues.

A Latvian delegation consisting of administrative law judges visited UNHCR’s regional office for the Baltic and Nordic countries at the end of August. The judges recognized the need for capacity building of different stakeholders involved in different aspects of the asylum process in Latvia, including adjudication of appeals and decisions on detention.

- UNHCR is currently in close contact with the Latvian judiciary to prepare for a seminar for judges later this fall on international and regional refugee protection standards. This seminar will be organized within the context of UNHCR’s judicial engagement strategy, which includes capacity building of judges, says Karolina Lindholm Billing, Senior Regional Legal Officer for UNHCR.

Annually UNHCR conducts several training of judges and asylum lawyers in the Baltic and Nordic countries. These events are planned in close cooperation with the authorities, in order to address and respond to identified training needs. Authorities are welcome to contact UNHCR’s office with specific training requests.

UNHCR’s legal protection work includes providing guidance on international refugee law standards and related UNHCR guidelines, regional standards including those in EU Directives, as well as information on national asylum systems in the region. A vast collection of reports and information relating to situations in countries of origin, policy documents and positions as well as documents relating to international and national legal frameworks can be found on UNHCR’s digital platform Refworld.  

The Latvian judges’ visit was part of the ERF (European Refugee Fund) funded project "Improvement of judicial decision-making process in asylum field".

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