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Här hittar du de senaste pressmeddelandena från UNHCR:s regionkontor för de baltiska och nordiska länderna.

Under rubriken ”Briefing Notes” har vi samlat anteckningar från de muntliga informationstillfällen som en av UNHCR:s talespersoner håller två gånger i veckan i Genève. Briefing notes ger en överblick av särskilt viktiga skeenden just nu, inklusive det senaste som har hänt. 

UNHCR and partners seeking $US274 million to meet acute needs of those fleeing the Central African Republic

Press Release  17 April 2014

As instability and violence continue to plague the Central African Republic, UNHCR and 14 other humanitarian agencies are asking donors to fund emergency operations in support of the growing number of people who have been fleeing from CAR since December last year.

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Bulgaria: UNHCR says asylum conditions improved, warns against transfer of vulnerable people

Press Release  15 April 2014

UNHCR has today updated our guidance on the situation for refugees and asylum-seekers in Bulgaria. UNHCR is lifting the call for the temporary suspension of all Dublin transfers of asylum-seekers to Bulgaria that we made in January this year.

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Mediterranean crossings rise in first months of 2014, many fleeing war and persecution

Press Release  11 April 2014

UNHCR estimates some 6,000 people have been rescued by the Italian Navy from over forty overcrowded boats in the Mediterranean off the shores of Sicily and Calabria in the past four days.

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Heads of The heads of the World Food Programme and the United Nations Refugee agency alarmed at scale of needs arising from crisis in South Sudan

Press Release  02 April 2014

The heads of the World Food Programme (WFP) and the United Nations Refugee agency (UNHCR) warns that the crisis in South Sudan could endanger millions of lives in the coming months if urgent action is not taken to put an end to the conflict and support the civilians who are struggling to survive.

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As South Sudan crisis deepens UNHCR warns donors that refugee numbers in surrounding region will rise

Press Release  25 March 2014

In light of the worsening crisis in South Sudan, UNHCR and WFP on behalf of partners appealed yesterday (Monday) to donors for US$371 million in urgently needed support for the thousands of South Sudanese refugees now arriving in neighbouring countries.  

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UNHCR report shows leap in asylum applications for industrialized countries

21 March 2014


A UNHCR report, released today, shows a sharp rise in asylum claims in 44 industrialized countries during 2013, driven primarily by the crisis in Syria.

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Jordan study finds tough living conditions among Syrian urban and other non-camp refugees

Press Release  18 March 2014

© UNHCR / J. Kohler / February 2014

A joint UNHCR and International Relief and Development survey has found increasingly difficult conditions among the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in Jordan living outside camps.

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UNHCR expresses sadness over the death of a Sudanese trying to enter into Estonia

Press Release  14 January 2014

Estonian Police and Border Guard has reported that three Sudanese men tried to enter into Estonia by swimming across the border river Piusa.

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UNHCR urges stepped up help for CAR refugees arriving in poor conditions

Press Release  14 March 2014

In eastern Cameroon an increasing number of people fleeing violence in the Central African Republic (CAR) are arriving ill, due to hunger and exhaustion during their flight.

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Three years and counting: Syria tops world list for forcibly displaced

Press Release  14 March 2014

© UNHCR / A. McConnell / February 2014

Three years on from the start of the conflict in Syria, the country has become the world's leading country of forced displacement, with over nine million of its people uprooted from their homes.

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Boat tragedy involving refugees and migrants in the Gulf of Aden

Press Release  11 March 2014

UNHCR is deeply saddened by a new boat accident in the Gulf of Aden this weekend involving refugees and migrants.

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UNHCR says over 15000 CAR civilians facing acute risk, better security urgently needed

Press Release  25 February 2014

In Central African Republic, and based on monitoring by the UNHCR-led Protection Cluster, more than 15,000 people in 18 locations in the northwest and southwest of the country are at present surrounded and being threatened by armed groups.

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Public urged to voice their outrage and demand action to prevent a lost generation in Syria

Press Release  24 February 2014


UNICEF, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Mercy Corps, Save the Children and World Vision today issued an impassioned appeal to the general public, urging it to voice its outrage at the devastating impact on children and alarming long-term consequences of a lost generation as the conflict in Syria approaches its fourth year.

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UNHCR call for resettlement or other forms of admission for 100,000 Syrians

 UNHCR is today calling upon states to make multi-annual commitments towards a goal of providing resettlement and other forms of admission for an additional 100,000 Syrian refugees in 2015 and 2016.

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UNHCR concerned about the Manus Island disturbance

Press Release  18 February 2014

UNHCR is very concerned about the recent developments on Manus Island in which one asylum-seeker reportedly lost his life and several others were reported injured.

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Turkey experiences major refugee influx

Press Release  11 February 2014

More than 20,000 Syrian refugees have arrived in Turkey since the start of the year in the biggest influx since early 2013.

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CAR violence forces thousands to flee to neighboring Cameroon

Press Release  07 February 2014

Thousands of people are fleeing for safety to Cameroon to escape violence in the Central African Republic.

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UNHCR resumes relief distribution for people displaced at Bangui Airport

Press Release  09 January 2014

The UN refugee agency on Tuesday resumed distribution of relief items to an estimated 100,000 internally displaced people who sought safety at the Bangui International Airport in the Central African Republic.

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European Union donates €63 million to UNHCR for Syria operations

Press Release  18 December 2013

© UNHCR / A. McConnell

The European Union donated €63 million to the UN refugee agency for its operations for Syrians displaced by the war in their country.

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UN appeals for a record US$6.5 billion for Syria operations in 2014

Press Release  16 December 2013

© UNHCR/A.McConnell

Faced with the prospect of a worsening situation inside Syria and growing numbers of refugees in 2014, UN agencies on Monday appealed to donors for US$6.5 billion in funds – the biggest amount so far requested for a single humanitarian emergency.

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