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UNHCR columnist: Zinat Pirzadeh

Zinat Pirzadeh © Armand Photo
UNHCR columnist: Zinat Pirzadeh. © Armand Photo

Zinat Pirzadeh fled from Iran to Sweden in the early 1990's

Zinat Pirzadeh was born and raised in Iran. In the early 1990's she fled Iran and a forced marriage together with her son, who was two years old at the time. After a long and perilous escape they reached Sweden where they applied for asylum.

Today Zinat works as a comedian, lecturer and a writer. Her debut novel 'Butterfly on a Leash' (Fjäril i koppel) came out in the Autumn 2011.

- My life today is very different from when I was under the threat of deportation, but I love my birth country Iran that gave me life, as well as my adopted country Sweden that gave me my life back, says Zinat.

Read Zinat's columns below. To find out more about Zinat, visit her personal website: www.zinat.se

A symbol for my journey in the kingdom of the Swedes

UNHCR Colmunists  21 May 2012

After the release of my debut novel “Butterfly on a Leash”, I felt it was really time to recharge my batteries. Just the thought of spending a few uninterrupted weeks in the countryside gives me a se
Butterfly on a Leash

I close my eyes and think of my birth town Sari, in the province of Mazandaran in the beautiful but oh so tortured Iran.

» mer

My son's magic box

Zinat's first column  27 January 2012

Zinat Pirzadeh was born and raised in Iran. In the early 1990's she fled from Iran to Sweden.

To now once again be standing outside the restaurant was like traveling through time. It felt like it was only yesterday I was standing in the kitchen, doing the dishes hour after hour.

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